Mediation Korean women who have trouble in debt to Japan of the sex shop, "it does not resolve comfort women issue," South Korean skilled in the art caught = Korea net "It 's not say bad the Japan" 
Delivery date: 2016 March 23 (Wednesday) 10 pm 23 

March 22, 2016, according to South Korea, Yonhap news, as had been allowed to prostitution sends a Korean woman who can no longer return the debt to Japan, woman et al had a prostitution and South Korea of moneylenders et al. Were caught . 

Busan National Police Agency and international criminal investigation brigade the same day, on suspicion that has been allowed to prostitution in Japan to Korean women, revealed that it has arrested a man these three Korean moneylenders. In addition, a woman 34 people and the four Japanese sex shop managers who had done the prostitution, the six brokers were sent papers. 

According to the police, was arrested man et al., Nikake February this year from May last year, was forced into prostitution for the Korean women five people around Tokyo Uguisudani Station, which have suspected that had received such referral fees there. 1 person out moneylenders, the women to loan the money first, then took up the women's passports that could not be repaid by the deadline, was a modus operandi to earn money to mediation in sex shop. The remaining two are advertised to the part-time job recruitment site as such as "earn a lot of work", had been or mediation to the other sex shop or to prostitution the 32 women in their own management and sex shop.